Michael Gove to make grammar and spelling more rigorous in new English curriculum

Today’s Tory diary reports on the Secretary of State for Education plans to make grammar and spelling more rigorous.

I also welcome the news that children will have to learn a second language from age 7 as well.

One of the things that I noticed on my recent holiday in Crete was that , apart from the positive mental attitude that all the Hotel staff had, all of them could speak a number of languages fluently.

If our youngsters are going to stand any chance in todays global economy it will be absolutely essential to have the ability to converse in other languages.

The Hotel staff that I refer to were in fact, in the main, Romanian, wonderfully friendly and eager to please.

One of the waiters that I became particularly friendly with turned out to have a Law Degree but found it more fun working in an Hotel.

As it is so cold and damp here in the middle of June I thought I would cheer us all up with a photograph of the swimming pool taken a few days ago.

Have a great week!

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3 Responses to “Michael Gove to make grammar and spelling more rigorous in new English curriculum”

  1. alanwcollinsdefault Says:

    Michael Gove does indeed seem to be promising great things of our education system.

    I welcome, in particular, the promise of teaching students as young as 7 another language. I was grateful for the opportunity to study 2 foreign languages from year 8 and 3 at GCSE level, though it was a shame that, even in a grammar school, the second most widely spoken language (Spanish) was not offered to us until the first GCSE year – a fact which led to only about 20 out of over 150 students taking the Spanish GCSE.

    In addition to learning another language, it is pleasing to see that Michael Gove wishes to take steps to ensure that students understand their own language as well – addressing one of Labour’s biggest failures of government.

    Your posting your holiday snap has just got me excited about my own forthcoming holiday to Spain – and my chance to put my A-level Spanish to good use…

  2. Priti Joshi Says:

    In India, we automatically learn English, Hindi (our national language) and the regional language where we live. If we are fortunate enough to have a different mother tongue, a fourth language is added on and a fifth if we chose a foreign language at school, like I did – French.

    So, to give our young people here a chance to be truly competitive, we need these changes.

    On the matter of grammar and spellings – in Mumbai, we had to learn the appropriate use of idioms and figures of speech, and English grammar from a text called Wren and Martin’s Grammar. This was the Bible of all English students and I could not understand why, if this was, may be, a legacy of British Rule in India, this was not utilised in schools here to teach young people to correctly use and appreciate their mother tongue.

    Therefore, well done to Michael Gove – I think this was a trick missed by others.

    Finally, I hope you had a great time on holiday. The weather certainly seems a lot better than it was over here!

    • councillormikeobrien Says:

      A super week away thanks Priti, batteries fully recharged!
      I look forward to receiving your dates of future events by the way Priti.
      Kind regards Mike

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