Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at Rainham School for Girls

I had the privilege of being invited to attend the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at Rainham School for Girls this afternoon.

What a fantastic afternoon it turned out to be , dancing, stalls of every description, photographic studios with hundreds of enthusiastic students.

Blessed with good weather it was wonderful to see so many local residents attending the celebrations as well as the school has made a great effort to involve the local community in school life.

We were entertained to an afternoon tea by the BTec Catering Students and left full of chocolate cake and sandwiches, washed down with coffee and tea.

The Headteacher Ms Karen Roberts has done a wonderful job since her appointment at the school with a fantastic positive ethos which is mirrored by the students. An impressive record of achievement and excellence which now makes our local school a school of choice for students of all abilities.

Rainham School for Girls was the first SACT (Schools and Community Together) and the idea for this celebration came out of one of the first meetings of the SACT.

Thought up by the girls and driven by them, they are to be commended, they are a credit to their parents, the school and Medway.

Photograph shows me with Ms Roberts.

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