My vision for the new Police and Crime Commissioner

“The Police Commissioner will be the driving force for our local policing priorities and I will ensure that we deliver effective policing, punishment and financial prudence.

“As a full time Police Commissioner I would push for a zero tolerance approach to reduce anti social behaviour whilst ensuring that we continue to have one of the lowest precepts in the country.

“I believe we need a new community contract with the police so that residents know what to expect from a 21st century police force, how our money is being spent and how the police will respond to our concerns.

“Equally we need to deliver more effective community punishment and I would work with the courts to speed up this process so that the victims of crime can see swift and fair justice.

“As a Cabinet member on Medway Council and the Chair of the Community Safety Partnership I have seen firsthand many of the concerns residents have in Kent and Medway.  Working closely with our partners in Kent Police I’m pleased to see a reduction in overall crime in Medway and I will ensure that Kent Police continues to be a service we can be confident in and proud of.”

Promoted by Brigita Amey on behalf of Cllr Mike O’Brien both of 200 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5XG


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