Costing a referendum

New figures by Medway Council show that a completely unnecessary referendum (as suggested by Labour councillors) on the airport wouldn’t cost £250,000, as we first believed.  In fact it will cost at an astonishing £382,000.  Money that the Council cannot afford.

This would include the thousands needed for postal votes, poll cards, and staffing the 100 polling stations and count venues.

Of course Labour continue to maintain that we can combine it with the Police and Crime Commission (PCC) elections in November.  As I have made clear here, this is unviable and we may not be even allowed to do so under election law, not to mention how it would distract from the important PCC election.

An interesting comparison is with the AV referendum that was conducted at the same time as the local elections last year.  According to the figures, the referendum cost Medway Council £258,410, even though it was combined with another election.  In Maidstone, a district council, it cost a massive £209,222.

Ths referendum issue is an expensive distraction.  What really matters is that we all unite to defeat this airport proposal.

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