Rainham School for Girls Youth Academy

I had the pleasure of attending the Rainham School for Girls Youth Academy today.

This was the second year the Rainham School for Girls has held this event and it proved as popular as ever.

Youngsters from Junior Schools in Medway attended for a taster of what Rainham School for Girls offers in addition to enjoying themselves carrying out activities such as:

Archery, Performing Arts, Lego Robotics and Cooking.

I visited all of the classes and was impressed by the positive ethos of   each activity.

I tried my hand at archery and was greatly relieved when by arrows at least hit the target with two of them hitting the red circle! Haven’t done that since I was a lad.

I was really interested in the cookery class as they were cooking Doughnuts, my favourite! You can find the recipe here

The Performing Arts class designed their own show entitled “The haunted boxes” and Parents and Grandparents were able to enjoy the final show at lunchtime.

After lunch I had the privilege of handing out the certificates an event that I really enjoy as it is fantastic to see the pleasure and pride that children expressed when they came up for their awards.

Congratulations to Rainham School for Girls for organising the events over the last month, the teachers and helpers in running it and of course the parents for supporting their children in attending the Academy.

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