My visit to Caring Hands

I had the pleasure of visiting Caring Hands  yesterday afternoon to see once again the invaluable work that Pastor Mathew Guest of the Kings Church and his team carry out for vulnerable people in Chatham area of Medway.

The Caring Hands team feed up to 200 vulnerable people a day and provide medical, addiction and housing advice support by working with other agencies such as Medway Council, & Kent & Medway Police this is in addition to the regular Monday night “Soup Kitchen” that they provide into the early hours in the Rochester/Chatham High Street area.

They work with all types of vulnerable people including those with alcohol and drug addiction problems.

By keeping them off of the street they can deal with pastoral and medical care with medical staff who volunteer their services on a regular basis. In addition, other agencies supply counselling services for addiction, alcohol or drugs being a common problem. There has also been a rise in the number of Eastern Europeans seeking the service all of which throws up fresh challenges, challenges which the team at Caring Hands rise to with relish.

The amazing thing about Caring Hands is that it is funded by the Congregation of the Kings Church.

The whole ethos of the Kings Church is positive Christianity and no where is this more evident than in this Caring Hands project led by by Pastor Mathew and his fantastic team.

The photo shows myself with Pastor Matthew Guest and Marty Brogan the Caring Hands Centre Manager.

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