Remember all the threes

Apart from Community Safety, my Portfolio also includes responsibility for Customer Contact.  Recently we’ve been working to implement a single contact number for all Medway Council’s services – 01634 333333.

We want to make sure that residents’ contact with the Council is as easy as possible, and so over the next year we’ll be integrating all services under the 333333 number.

Many people get frustrated with the multi option and what they call the “multi layered Interactive Voice Response” – the press button 1 for X, press button 2 for Y type.  We’re going to keep this to a minimum so that no one will be presented with more than 3 selections at any one time nor navigate more than two layers before speaking to a Customer Services Officer.

We want residents only to have to tell their story once to the Council, and get all their enquiries on a range of topics, dealt with fully without follow up being required.  More information on the changes can be read here.

We’ll be promoting this move under a new campaign called “My Council” over the next 12 months.

I have been greatly assisted in this process by the Cross Party Member User Group who have given their input with suggestions and who will be keeping a close eye on a seamless transfer to the new number.

In the meantime, please use 01634 333333 to contact Medway Council or download and use the Love Medway app on your Smart Phone or

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