Kent Messenger Poll shows only 1 in 5 support Airport Plan

It is interesting to note the results of the Kent Messenger Poll which is published in today’s Medway Messenger.

It confirms what I have said all the way along, we (the people of Medway) do not want a Thames Estuary Airport.

Residents can rest assured that we will continue to oppose any plans for a Thames Estuary Airport.

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2 Responses to “Kent Messenger Poll shows only 1 in 5 support Airport Plan”

  1. Stuart P. Says:

    Hi Mike …. I would hate to disappoint, but my opinion supports the Thames Estuary Airport proposal, even though I can understand some argument against.
    When we read that only 1 in 5 of the KM Poll were for it, I would question where this poll was conducted as it’s likely the remaining 4 of 5 dont actual read the KM? I occasionaly read the KM and the question of ‘For or Against’ has never been run past myself, unless I missed it in one of your emails.I take it that your feedback from constituents as in majority are ‘against’ the proposal? I feel that the jobs created,the prosperity & modinisation to our area it would bring along with tremendous improvements to the infrastructure etc- would excell and transport us quite nicely through this early part & further into this the 21st century. Best Regards: Stuart

  2. councillormikeobrien Says:

    Hi Stuart,
    Thank you so very much for your comments, my views are already on my blog. The KM Poll supports our stand against this proposal.
    Incidentally, our opposition to this proposal was in our manifesto last year and is fully supported by ALL elected members across the political divide.
    At our street stall this morning we had many constituents coming up to us supporting our view. None were against.
    But in a spirit of fairness to all, in view of the consultation, I have drawn attention to the Councils petition and the fact that residents can write directly to the Mayor of London giving their opposition or support.
    Kindest regards

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