My predictions for 2012

1. A Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner is elected
2. Medway achieves successful City Status
3. The proposed Estuary Airport is blown out of the water
4. Medway Conservative Administration will, once again, deliver a balanced budget.
5. The Labour group, as usual, will not offer an alternative budget.
6. Cllr Tristan Osborne and Cllr Vince Maple will go head to head for the leadership of the Labour   Group on Medway Council.
7. A record number of people will visit Medway for the year of celebration.
8. The Love Medway app will become the most popular download in Medway.
9. Gillingham Football Club will be promoted to Division 1.

2 Responses to “My predictions for 2012”

  1. spencer Says:

    Just a few you forgot!

    Hollands and Blair to get promoted to the KPL

    Speed humps Marshall Road

    Tesco roundabout to get sorted

  2. James Ferrin Says:

    Hi Mike,
    As requested I wanted to raise with you why you want to oppose the airport?

    Since the dockyard closed it’s doors Medway has seena massive decline and is now in a state where unemployment is rife, standards of living are falling and education in the inner “city” is far from acceptable. Single mums and immigrants litter the highstreets of Chatham and Gillingham, Strood town centre is pretty much a ghost town, as is Rainham.

    The only high street in the borough looking to be in a positive position is Rochester, but that has something, a beautiful Cathederal, a norman Castle, and an affiliation to one of Englands greatest writers.

    A new airport would bring jobs and prosperity to the area, and other areas such as Gravesend, which is in a very similar position to Medway.

    It’s not just the airport, it’s the support services that would come with the project, such as massively improved infrastructure, new homes, improved healthcare, boost for local business, (lets face it the Dockyard centre is currently a bit of a damp squib), and the prospect of a safe and secure future for the local population.

    I really struggle to see why the plans should be opposed, I think they should be welcomed with open arms as a way to bring Medway and north Kent into a time of success and economic growth.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Best wishes


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