Mike focuses on…Medway’s libraries

In Medway we have so many great services that sometimes we forget all that is going on.  Take for example our library service.

Medway has maintained its network of 16 libraries, which has more than a million visitors a year.

Our overriding philosophy is that libraries shouldn’t just be bookstores, but neighbourhood hubs at the centre of each community.  This is why we have combined library services with other council services and adult learning and there are now two community hubs in Medway. – the latest opened in March. 

There’s lots of ways to access these services.  We have a mobile library and dedicated children’s mobile library, which visits 19 schools during term time and has 3,000 active borrowers.

And access to more than 700 eBooks and 100 eAudiobooks to download for free. 

The latest edition is the “personal shopper” service, which launches in January – for people who are too busy to browse themselves.

Not to mention all the excellent events and activities that take place including reading events with best selling authors.

And you can save money too by using the Reward Yourself loyalty card – a free rental for every six stamps on your card.

Medway Conservatives are very proud of this service and where possible look to invest further in our libraries.  This is why last year we reduced the Trade Unions’ facility grant and invested this, along with some additional funds totalling £92,000, in new library books.

If you can, I thoroughly recommend that you visit your local library and find out about all the great things that are going on.

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