New Policing Model means more Police on our streets

Great news for the people of Medway with the commencement of the new Policing model here in Medway, which went live on the 16th November.

The new neighbourhood-policing model gives an increase from 66 currently to 133 police officers, more than a 100% increase.

In addition the teams will be working until 3am each morning rather than the 11pm currently.

I am particularly pleased with this emphasis on neighbourhood policing which is the bedrock of Chief Constable Ian Learmonth’s new structure.

Here in Medway we are extremely proud of our close partnership working with Kent and Medway police. Crime is down, anti social behaviour is down and it is that context that I have been fighting your corner over the last twelve months in discussions on various proposals for policing models.

I acknowledge that the Chief Constable Ian Learmonth has to provide the very best of policing in both Kent and Medway under the constraints of the spending review.

Many differing models have been discussed over the year, and I have had many meetings and conversations with the Chief Constable and his leadership team during the year.

As the Cabinet Member for Community Safety I have put the case that Medway, as a tier one authority was a special case, and not just another district of Kent.

I am pleased to say that the Chief Constable has acknowledged this with the placement of our new Medway Superintendent Rachel Adams, everywhere else in Kent having a Chief Inspector.

I enjoy a professional relationship with the Chief Constable, some of our discussions have been full and frank but in the end we were both trying to do the same thing, provide Medway with the best possible policing that we could.

As can be seen from our joint press release last week Chief Constable Learmonth reaffirmed his commitment to working with Medway Council to maintain the productive and positive partnership working that has subsisted for some time.

I welcome the Chief Constable’s commitment to continue to work in close partnership with Medway Council and to consult us to ensure the safety of Medway’s residents.

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